Qualities of rainsford

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Qualities of rainsford

Zaroff tells Rainsford he hunts the most dangerous prey: Rainsford leaps off of a cliff into the sea. The sea is the Caribbean Sea. Rainsford loses his balance and falls into the sea. Zaroff uses the dogs to hunt Rainsford. Rainsford has never slept in a more comfortable bed Zaroff asks Rainsford to join him in hunting his prey.

Rainsford is on a yacht bound for the Amazon.

Qualities of rainsford

Zaroff tells Rainsford that he is bored with hunting most animals Rainsford refuses to join Zaroff in hunting. Rainsford talks with Whitney about "ship-trap" island. Rainsford builds a Malay man-catcher.

Qualities of rainsford

Zaroff loses one of his best dogs. Rainsford builds a Burmese Tiger Pit. Zaroff shows Rainsford how he traps ships with lights that indicate a channel. We find out Rainsford is a big game hunter.

Whitney muses on his thought of the "game. Characterization is provided by the author of a story either Directly or Indirectly. Direct Characterization is where the author directly tells you about the character.

Use Word to complete two Characterization Bubble Maps of the Two Main Characters 1st page bubble map for Rainsford, 2nd page bubble map for Zaroff including characterizations found in the story.

You must include on the Bubble maps the character name in the middle Use Rectangle Drawing Toolthen in circles around the name include on the left side 3 Direct Characterization Quotes from the text if you can't find 3 direct characterization quotes, then include more indirect characterizations about the character and on the right side three Indirect Characterization quotes from the text about the character.

What characteristics do they share? Create a Venn Diagram on page three of the Word Document that includes character traits that you believe describe the characters based on the found direct and indirect characterizations from the text of both characters.

Essay title: Qualities of Rainsford

Upload all three pages as one document. Word Wall - Literary Vocabulary Terms: Use your planner, citing it as the source or go online Dictionary.Summary of 1st Half. Rainsford, an excellent hunter, falls off his ship and swims to Ship-Trap Island, a place known for its evil.

Rainsford meets General Zarroff, another excellent hunter who has created a home on the island. What character qualities are revealed by Rainsford’s struggle after falling over-board?

This preview has intentionally blurred sections. Sign up to view the full version. Sometimes a narrator will identify character traits and qualities specifically by revealing them clearly to the reader. For example, in Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game,” Rainsford, the protagonist, says “you’re a big-game hunter, not a philosopher,” in referring to Whitney, his hunting companion.

The protagonist, Sanger Rainsford, is an adventurous big-game hunter who confronts the nature of life and death for the first time in his life during his few frightening days on Ship-Trap Island. Last week I had the pleasure of opening Impressions Left, a new body of work from Irish artist (and my good friend) Ciara Harrison.

Below are my words which try to give some sense of this dense, rich and highly charged pieces. Rainsford had nowhere to go but down. He jumped off the cliff and into the ocean, which took a lot of nerve. He could have died from hitting rocks at the bottom or drowning in the ocean.

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